Principe Borghese Tomato Seeds


Italian heirloom variety renowned for its use in sun-drying, sauces, and pastes. These determinate plants produce heavy yields of small, bright red, plum-shaped tomatoes, each weighing about 1 to 2 ounces. Noted for their meaty texture with minimal juice and seeds, they are ideal for thickening sauces and making purees. Principe Borghese tomatoes are drought tolerant, crack-resistant, and require support through staking or caging. They thrive in full sun and prefer fertile, slightly acidic soil. This variety is typically ready for harvest 70 to 75 days after transplanting. Their rich, deep flavor makes them a popular choice for both cooking and fresh consumption.

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Principe Borghese tomatoes are a popular variety known for their rich flavor and versatility. They are an Italian heirloom variety, highly regarded for making sauces, purees, and pastes due to their meaty texture with little juice and few seeds. These tomatoes are also one of the best for sun-drying, retaining their color and flavor well during the process. They typically produce heavy yields of small, bright red plum tomatoes, each weighing around 1 to 2 ounces.

The Principe Borghese tomato plants are determinate in growth habit, meaning they grow to a compact size, which makes them suitable for container gardening as well. They generally require support like staking or cages. The variety is also noted for its crack resistance and drought tolerance. Growing Principe Borghese tomatoes involves full sun exposure and they prefer fertile, slightly acidic soil. It’s important to keep the soil consistently moist, particularly during dry and hot spells. Fertilization is recommended when transplanting.

The typical days to maturity for Principe Borghese tomatoes range from 70 to 75 days after transplanting. They are traditionally grown in the south of Italy and have a deep, rich flavor that is excellent for sun-dried tomatoes as well as fresh consumption.


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Heirloom Drying Tomatoes - Principe Borghese grown by Garden Faerie Botanicals. Excellent organic seeds.Principe Borghese Tomato Seeds

Availability: 10 in stock

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