Dwarf Champion Tomato Seeds


This 6-8 oz red tomato grows on sturdy plants and are disease free. They always do well in my garden, no matter what the conditions. Beautiful tree-like plant. Does not need support. I have had success growing this variety in containers. Extremely rare from 1886. 70 dtm. 15 seeds per package.

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The Dwarf Champion Tomato, introduced in the 1889 Maule’s Seed Annual, is a mid-season, nineteenth-century slicing tomato variety, praised for its good flavor and texture. It’s notable for its compact growth, making it suitable for smaller gardens. The variety produces ample amounts of three to eight-ounce, pink-colored fruits with a slightly tangy but mild and sweet flavor. It was one of the first tree-type tomato varieties, selected from a cross between an unknown variety and ‘Tomato de Laye’. Dwarf Champion is known for its upright growth and ability to be planted closer together, producing double the quantity of early fruit per acre compared to other varieties.


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Dwarf Champion Heirloom Tomato. Extremely rare.Dwarf Champion Tomato Seeds

Availability: 3 in stock

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