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An early beefsteak tomato that just keeps pumping out an abundance of fruit all season long. Medium yellow-orange fruits pack a powerful punch of flavour with a hint of citrus, while lacking the acid that many yellow varieties carry. The snow will be about to fly and you will still see these babies glowing in the dark recesses of the garden. Extremely Rare Russian Heirloom.

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Azoychka is an early, beefsteak tomato that produces throughout the summer and continues pumping out the pounds well into the fall. The beautiful yellow-orange fruits are a 3-5” round and oblate, weighing between 10-16 oz with an excellent, slightly citrusy flavour. Kent Wheatly, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange brought Azoychka back from Russia in 1995 during one of his collection trips. (Photo is of tomatoes pulled off the vine a little early and were eaten like that. Delicious!) 68 dtm. Indeterminate. 15 seeds per package.

Azoychka Tomato, also known as “Azoychka Yellow,” is a Russian heirloom tomato variety known for its vibrant golden-yellow color and unique flavor. Here are some key points about Azoychka Tomato:

1. Origin:
Azoychka Tomato originated in Russia, specifically in the Amur River region near the Chinese border. It has been a favorite among Russian gardeners for generations.

2. Characteristics:

Color: Azoychka Tomatoes are known for their bright yellow to deep gold color, making them visually striking.
Size: They typically grow to a medium to large size, with some fruits reaching up to 1 pound (450 grams) or more.
Flavor: Azoychka Tomatoes are celebrated for their sweet and fruity flavor, often described as having a tropical or citrus-like taste with a slight tartness.
Texture: The flesh of Azoychka Tomatoes is juicy and smooth, making them ideal for fresh eating or in salads.
3. Growth and Cultivation:

These tomatoes are indeterminate, which means they continue to produce fruit throughout the growing season.
Azoychka Tomatoes thrive in warm climates with plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil.
They are suitable for both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.
4. Culinary Uses:

Due to their sweet and tangy flavor, Azoychka Tomatoes are excellent for slicing and adding to salads, sandwiches, and fresh salsas.
They are also great for making sauces, especially those where a hint of sweetness is desired.


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