Preserve Biodiversity with Open-Pollinated Heirloom Seeds Grown In Canada

A barefoot faerie works with rare and endangered heirloom vegetable plants grown from seed in a greenhouse.  She is an organic Canadian seed supplier in British Columbia, Canada. Garden Faerie Botanicals carries the largest selection of Jerusalem Artichokes in Canada. There are pots of them growing in the back of the greenhouse.

Heirloom Treasures: Cultivating a Legacy of Rare Seeds for Tomorrow’s Food Security

This collection of heirloom seeds, sunchokes, potatoes, and bulbs is from my own garden, and I grow them using open-pollinated seed or tubers/ bulbs. I prioritize saving rare and endangered genetic material. As, I believe that preserving our biodiversity for future generations is the most important contribution I can make during my time on Earth. Due the Grand Solar Minimum, I have focused on collecting short-season heirloom seed varieties for Canada to ensure food security in the future.

These are seeds that have never undergone treatment with chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides. They are guaranteed to be free from any such substances.

I aim to provide heirloom seeds that have a history and are special in some way. My goal is to provide you with information that will assist you in saving these seeds and you will never have to buy them again. Not sure how to save seeds? No problem! You can learn how to save seeds in my blog posts and every week I put out a podcast called “In The Garden With Susan” with tips and tricks on seed saving and gardening.

Join the Movement: Seed Savers Exchange and Seeds of Diversity

As a proud member of both the Seeds of Diversity and the Seed Savers Exchange, I invite you to join these incredible networks where you can access a diverse array of rare and endangered heirloom seeds Dive into the exceptional collections offered by members of these organizations and join the Canadian Seeds of Diversity at no additional cost. By participating in these exchanges, even saving just one heirloom variety, you contribute significantly to preserving our agricultural heritage and biodiversity.

At this time, I can only ship to addresses in Canada.

Please see terms and conditions for shipping here.

Due to continual issues with the Podcast player on the home page, I have had to remove it. Please find “In The Garden With Susan” Podcast here, or at the Garden Faerie Botanicals Rumble Channel, or even at the Garden Faerie Botanicals You Tube Channel!

Rare and Endangered Heirloom Pea  Seeds are growing to produce amazing harvests. At Garden Faerie Botanicals all seeds are open-pollinated and grown organically in Canada.
93% of heirloom seed varieties have gone extinct. Reasons to save heirloom seeds: They have history, they can be more nutritious, they have variety of shapes and colours, They are cheaper and save you money. Save the seeds. Garden Faerie Botanicals will teach you how to save seeds. Online seeds can be shipped to addresses in Canada
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