Dirty Girl Tomato Seeds


A variant discovered from Early Girl tomatoes volunteers. The red fruit are medium size with robust flavour. Dirty Girls are THE dry farming tomato variety, offering improved drought resistance and a higher yield compared to Early Girl. 15 seeds per package

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The Dirty Girl tomato is an exceptional open-pollinated variety that emerged from second-year volunteer plants in a field originally planted with Early Girl tomatoes. Cultivated for over 13 seasons in the dry farmed conditions of Southern Santa Cruz County’s sun belt, this variety is celebrated for its robust flavour and resistance to blossom-end rot. Producing smaller, deep red tomatoes that balance the qualities of saladette and slicer types, Dirty Girl is a top choice for gardeners seeking flavour and reliability.

In comparative trials conducted in Western Oregon, Dirty Girl demonstrated a yield increase of 33% over Early Girl, coupled with fewer occurrences of blossom-end rot. This variety matures a few weeks later than Early Girl, but surpasses it in taste and quality. Efforts to enhance its earliness began in 2021 in Benton County, Oregon, aiming to optimize its performance for diverse growing conditions and further solidify its status as a favoured choice for dry farming.

Planted in 2024 on May 18 directly in the garden


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