Jerusalem Artichokes/ Sunchokes

Jerusalem artichokes are also known as sunchokes. They are tubers that have been preserved through generations. These heirloom sunchokes maintain characteristics like their knobby or smooth appearance and have a texture resembling a mix of potato and radish. I simply adore their subtly sweet and nutty flavour. Typically small to medium-sized, they have thin, edible skin varying in colour from tan to red or purple. Valued for their hardiness and high inulin content, fiber-aiding digestion, they are a favourite among gardeners who value food security.

Available October-November, and again in March-April. Please email me for pre-orders or to be places on a waitlist. Quantities are limited.

These heritage Jerusalem Artichoke / Sunchoke varieties are organically grown, untreated and non GMO tubers. This is the largest collection of Jerusalem Artichokes in Canada. Offering a diverse range of varieties suited for any climate, including those that thrive in severe cold conditions.

Garden Faerie Botanicals is a Canadian seed company with a diverse selection of rare and endangered heirloom seeds suited for short season gardens.

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