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A very early, compact dwarf determinate plant that produces a very high yield of 4-9 oz., red, round, globes with up to 9 fruits on one cluster. Excellent flavor for an early tomato, juicy, on the sweet side, do not let it get over-ripe (which may happen very quickly). Can be used as an early canning variety. Belarus Heirloom. 46 dtm. 25 seeds per package

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The Kalinka Tomato, hailing from Belarus, is renowned for its rapid ripening and abundant production. This heirloom cultivar yields medium-sized tomatoes with smooth, flawless red skins, making them ideal for early-season preservation efforts. Characterized by determinate growth, Kalinka plants attain a fixed height and bear fruit concurrently, simplifying the harvest process.

Notably, this variety matures swiftly, typically in less than 46 days, which is especially beneficial for regions with shorter summers or cooler weather. It’s common for the plant to produce clusters of 4 to 9 fruits. The determinate nature of Kalinka Tomatoes caters to those who prefer harvesting all their produce at once.

The Kalinka Malinka, a bush-type variant of this tomato, maintains a compact stature, growing between 20-40 cm (7.9-15.7 inches) tall and spreading outward. Despite its modest size, it prolifically produces sweet, round, medium-sized tomatoes, each weighing about 1.8-3.2 ounces. These tomatoes are also noted for their impressive shelf life post-harvest.

Overall, Kalinka Tomatoes are valued for their rapid maturation, taste, and suitability for canning. The determinate and bush varieties make them a great choice for gardeners working with limited space or specific climatic conditions. Their delightful flavor and longevity after harvesting are also appreciated by both home gardeners and commercial producers.

This tomato variety was created through the stabilization of a cross between Sovremennyi and Homestead 13 by the Belarusian Research Institute of Vegetable Gardening. It was first introduced in the 2009 Seed Savers Yearbook by Tatiana Kouchnareva with seeds originating Andrey Baranovski. Characterized by a remarkably early maturity of just 46 days, the plant is a compact determinate type with regular leaves. It’s known for its prolific yield, producing up to 9 fruits per cluster, each weighing between 4 to 9 ounces. The fruits are red, round globes with two seed cavities and are notable for their excellent flavor, which leans towards the sweet side. Gardeners should be mindful not to let the fruits over-ripen, as they can quickly lose their optimal taste.


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Image of rare heirloom tomatoes called Kalinka. From Garden Faerie BotanicalsKalinka Tomato Seeds

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