In The Garden With Susan Podcast

In The Garden With Susan Podcast. A smiling sun glows over the title. A Garden Faerie Botanicals Production
In The Garden With Susan Podcast. A Garden Faerie Botanicals Production

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Flowerful Creations – Flower Power Series Part Four In The Garden With Susan

Today's podcast talks about the "Floral Flavour Challenge." This exciting event invites participants to create a dish, drink, or dessert using edible flowers. Participants can share photos of their creations on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @gardenfaerieseeds on Instagram or @GardenFaerieBotanicals on Facebook and using the hashtag #FloralFlavourChallenge. Each photo submitted counts as an entry ticket for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate, with the winner announced at the end of the series. Chamomile Flowers: Chamomile Syrup Tea- of course!! Chamomile Infused Butter Baking with Chamomile Chamomile Custards or Panna Cotta Chamomile Rice or Quinoa Chamomile Poached Fruits Salad Dressings Squash Blossoms: Fried Squash Blossoms Squash Blossom Quesadillas Squash Blossom Pasta Yarrow Flowers Yarrow Salad Yarrow Herbal Tea Sage Flowers Sage Flower Pesto Sage Flower Cream Sauce Fried Sage Flowers Tulip Flowers: Tulip Salad Stuffed Tulips Candied Tulip Petals You can find Chamomile seeds at: See you in the garden!

The Story Behind In The Garden With Susan

It all started in 2008 when I was a raw vegan and wanted to nourish my daughter and I with living foods that were fresh out of the garden. I decided to move to a farm and grow my own food. With very little gardening experience, I found myself standing before a 2 acre piece of land that was tilled and ready to plant.

My experiences in that garden were filled with trial and error. I devoured all the information I could find about growing and joined the Seeds of Diversity and Seed Savers Exchange. I began to save seeds and collect rare and endangered heirlooms. A small seed company flourished during that time and soon the farm sold and we moved to British Columbia.

I find myself on the land once again and able to grow and create gardens. The journey of collecting rare and endangered heirloom seeds is once again a reality and I invite you to join me as I learn and share knowledge of the gifts that can be found in the garden.

Susan in the corn patch that was grown from rare and endangered heirloom seed.

I am an avid seed saver and love running barefoot throughout the garden. Always on the look out for endangered heirlooms, I can spend hours reading the seed exchange directories.

I am finishing a Digital Business Management Diploma course at the present moment and this podcast is part of my project in creating this website.

Meet Your Host

Susan Ladner


2 thoughts on “Podcast: Saving seeds, food security & how to preserve the harvest.”

  1. Judy

    What a beautiful garden and growing site love the information and lovely graphics .

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you so much! I am grateful that you enjoy it and find value here. See you in the garden!!

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