Bean Seeds

Heirloom beans are prized for their rich heritage and unique flavours that have been passed down through generations without crossbreeding. These open-pollinated varieties offer a taste of history, each bean telling a story of cultural traditions and agricultural practices. Unlike modern hybrids, heirloom beans remain true to their original characteristics, reflecting the diverse landscapes and culinary preferences of their origins. With a diverse array of colours, shapes, and flavours, heirloom beans not only enrich our palates but also promote biodiversity and the preservation of genetic resources. Cultivating heirloom beans connects us to our roots, celebrating the timeless legacy of these treasured legumes.

These heritage bean varieties are organically grown, untreated, open pollinated and non GMO seeds. Garden Faerie Botanicals is a Canadian seed company with a diverse selection of rare and endangered heirloom seeds suited for gardens in Canada.

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