Nakhodka Jerusalem Artichoke


A rare Russian variety that is late maturing with elongated tubers and produce a nice set. Can reach up to 14 feet tall and act as a privacy fence. Give it lots of room to grow! $15.00 per pound

Available Fall 2024.

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The “Nakhodka” variety of Jerusalem Artichoke is a rare Russian variety. It’s one of the varieties cultivated in Russia for its specific characteristics suitable for specific soil and climatic conditions.

These tubers are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals, located in the heart of British Columbia. Featuring Canada’s largest selection of Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes), these offerings are ideal for enhancing food security. The collection includes heirloom and heritage seeds, personally cultivated organically without chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, and non-GMO seeds, this selection is dedicated to preserving biodiversity.


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