De Barao Black Tomato Seeds


A very unique paste tomato. Good production of brown-red plum-egg shaped fruit. Sweet rich complex earthy taste. Disease, cold and shadow tolerant. Russian heirloom from Moldova. 75 dtm 15 seeds per package

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The De Barao Black Tomato is a distinct variety developed from the Barao tomato in Russia and introduced in the Seed Savers Yearbook in 1997. This indeterminate tomato variety is known for its high productivity and meaty, mid-sized, oval-plum-shaped fruits. The tomatoes weigh around 40-90 grams each and have a dark-brown color with dark-green necks. The flesh is firm, almost like a paste-type tomato, and they have a good tomato flavor suitable for fresh consumption as well as sauces. This variety performs well even in cooler weather conditions.

The De Barao Black Tomato plant grows to a substantial size and requires staking or support. For optimal growth, it’s recommended to prune the suckers, allowing the plant to focus energy on producing tomatoes rather than growing too large. Regular leaf pruning can help the plant stay manageable and increase fruit production.


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Organically grown De Barao Black Tomatoes. Unique paste variety, cold tolerant, Russian Heirloom.De Barao Black Tomato Seeds

Availability: 14 in stock

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