Buffalo Heart Tomato Seeds


Buffalo Heart (aka Bull’s Heart), is an extremely rare variety originally from Poland. The fruit is intensely pink with a thin skin and very meaty with few seeds. High-growing plant that requires strong staking. 75 dtm. 15 seeds per package

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The Buffalo Heart Giant Tomato is an heirloom variety originally from Poland. It is known for producing large, red, fluted, oxheart-shaped tomatoes. These indeterminate tomatoes are a mid-season variety and are characterized by their regular leaves. The fruits they produce are sizeable, weighing between 12 to 16 ounces each. The Buffalo Heart Giant Tomato is praised for its excellent flavor, ranging from sweet to an old-timey taste with slight acidity. This variety is versatile and great for slicing, canning, sauce, and paste. It’s recommended to provide sturdy support for the plants due to the weight and abundance of the fruits. One of my favorite tomato varieties that I do not know how it came to be in my collection! It has been with me for many years and I seem to fall in love with it more every time I grow it. It has a wonderful flavour and is so fleshy and sweet.


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