Black Alberta Barley Seeds


Black Alberta Barley was imported from Russia in 1911 and is celebrated for its rich, nut-like flavour and appealing chewy, pasta-like texture. When cooked it develops a glossy sheen that enhances both its visual appeal and taste. Known for its distinctive black seed heads it valued for its unique flavour profile that contributes a robust dimension to dishes and beverages. 100 seeds per package. 90 dtm.

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Hordeum vulgare An heirloom variety that stands out with its distinctive black seed heads. This barley is a 6-row, awned, and hulled type, and it typically grows to around 3 feet in height. It’s noted for its limited lodging, which means it stands up well against wind and rain, making it more manageable for farmers and gardeners.

Black Alberta Barley is praised for its early maturing quality, making it suitable for regions with shorter growing seasons. This variety is often used in traditional brewing and can also be a unique addition to culinary dishes, offering a robust flavour and excellent nutritional content.

These grain seeds are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. The collection features heirloom and heritage seeds that are personally cultivated organically without the use of any chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, non-GMO seeds, this selection preserves biodiversity through open-pollination.


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