Margaret McKee Baking Pea Seeds


Large golden brown mottled, early maturing peas that are excellent for baking. Not a fresh eating variety. Very Productive plant. 40 seeds per package

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Margaret McKee Baking Pea are an early 20th century heirloom from British Columbia, Canada. The unique, large golden brown mottled peas are delicious in baking recipes. Vines can reach 3-4 feet with beautiful bi-coloured pinky flowers and prefer cooler temperatures.  A heavy cropper that matures early andA row of peas growing dries down in around 72 days. A heavy cropper!  40 seeds per package


Baking Pea

Dried peas, Baking peas, soup peas


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Peas on a vine.Margaret McKee Baking Pea Seeds

Availability: 12 in stock

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