Farthest North Tomato Seeds


A 40 day great tasting tomato? Oh Ya!! These little cherry bombs are super early and grow abundantly, which makes them an excellent choice for northern gardens. Small determinant plants that are great for containers and those who do not want to their stake tomatoes. Determinate 40- 50 dtm. 15 seeds per package

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The Farthest North Tomato is a highly valued heirloom cherry tomato variety introduced in 1934 by the North Dakota State University. It was bred by the renowned horticulturist Dr. Albert F. Yeager from a stabilized cross between ‘Bison’ and a wild current-type, ‘Solanum pimpinellifolium’ tomato. This determinate variety is known for its early and prolific production, especially in cool temperatures, making it well-suited for northern areas and container gardening. The fruits are small, weighing one to two ounces each, and are red and globe-shaped, offering a full, rich flavor.


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Farthest North Tomato An Heirloom variety groan by Garden Faerie BotanicalsFarthest North Tomato Seeds

Availability: 6 in stock

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