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Sugar Ann peas are a popular snap pea variety known for their sweet taste and compact growth. They typically grow as two-foot-tall bushes and produce pods that are about two and a half to three inches long. This variety, which won an All-American Selections award in 1984, is especially suited for small-space gardening and containers. It’s one of the fastest maturing types of snap peas, taking about 52 days to reach harvest. The pods of Sugar Ann peas are bright green, plump, and crisp, making them a delicious addition to a variety of dishes Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. No staking required. 55 to 60 dtm. 50 seeds per package.

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The Sugar Ann pea, introduced in 1984, is not classified as an heirloom variety. As, heirloom varieties are typically defined as those that have been passed down through several generations, often over 50 years. Sugar Ann, being a more recent introduction and a winner of the All-America Selections award in its release year, is better classified as a modern cultivar rather than an heirloom. Its development was focused on providing a compact, early-maturing snap pea variety suitable for gardeners with limited space or those seeking low-maintenance plants.

This pea quickly became a popular variety due to its compact growth habit and early maturation. As an All-America Selections winner, Sugar Ann was developed as a smaller, bush-type alternative to the taller Sugar Snap pea. It’s appreciated for its plump, sweet pods that mature earlier than its relative, the Sugar Snap pea. This variety’s development was part of an effort to provide growers with a snap pea that didn’t require trellising, making it ideal for gardeners with limited space or those who prefer low-maintenance plants.


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