Norli Snow Pea Seeds


Dark green 2.5 inch flat pods with good sweet flavour. Norli snow peas are a variety of pea that is known for its sweet and tender edible pods. The seeds of Norli snow peas are typically small, round, and smooth with a greenish hue. The plants themselves grow to a medium height and produce delicate white flowers, which then develop into the snow peas. The pods are flat and thin, with very small peas inside. They are often harvested while the peas are still immature, which contributes to their tender texture and sweet flavor. These characteristics make Norli snow peas a popular choice for gardeners and chefs alike. 50 seeds per package.

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Norli snow pea produces small, dark green 2.5-inch flat pods with a good sweet flavour. Also known as ‘Sugar Dwarf Sweet Green’ the pods are entirely stringless and are very heavily produced on vigorous plants that grow to 20 inches high
The plants have a semi-bush habit with white flowers and have great resistance to fusarium wilt.

These were my favorite snow peas of 2023. I kept calling them ‘Neroli’, as that is my daughter’s name.  I think they will always be Neroli to me now, as that name has stuck in my head!

One of the most tender snow peas that I have tried! Eat fresh right off the plant or add to salads or stir-fries. 50 seeds per package




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