Morden Early Cucumber Seeds


Morden Early- 45 days- Nice bush plant, compact vines, super early, nice pickler. Developed at the Morden Experiment Station in Manitoba

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Morden Early Cucumbers – Your Garden’s Early Delight!

Morden Early cucumbers are the perfect addition to your garden if you’re looking for an early cucumber variety that thrives in cooler climates. Developed in the 1960s by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, these cucumbers are renowned for their rapid growth and exceptional flavor.

Key Features:

Early Maturity: Be among the first in your neighborhood to savor fresh cucumbers. Morden Early cucumbers typically mature in just 45-55 days from planting, allowing you to enjoy your homegrown cucumbers sooner than other varieties.

Size & Texture: These cucumbers are small to medium-sized, with a smooth, dark green skin. Their crisp and crunchy flesh makes them ideal for a variety of culinary uses.

Flavor Profile: Morden Early cucumbers offer a mild and refreshing taste that’s perfect for salads, sandwiches, and snacking.

Growing Conditions:

Climate: Morden Early cucumbers are tailor-made for cooler climates, making them an excellent choice for regions with shorter growing seasons.

Sun & Soil: Plant them in full sun with well-drained soil for optimal growth. Adequate moisture and regular watering are essential to ensure healthy, productive plants.

Support: Provide proper support for your cucumber plants, such as trellises or stakes, to keep the fruit off the ground and maintain their shape.

Versatile Uses:

Morden Early cucumbers are versatile and can be used in various culinary applications. Enjoy them fresh in salads or as a healthy snack.

Due to their smaller size, they are also favored for pickling, allowing you to preserve their exceptional flavor for later enjoyment.


Morden Early cucumber seeds are readily available from reputable seed suppliers and nurseries. They are particularly popular in regions where early-season gardening is a priority.
Grow Your Own Early Bounty:
With Morden Early cucumbers, you can kickstart your gardening season and relish the rewards sooner. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these cucumbers are a reliable and tasty addition to your garden. Enjoy homegrown goodness with Morden Early cucumbers today!

Plant, nurture, and harvest your cucumbers in as little as 45-55 days with Morden Early, and savor the crisp, refreshing taste of your garden’s early delight.


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