Russian Saskatchewan Tomato Seeds


The Russian Saskatchewan Tomato is a dwarf heirloom variety with Russian origins, known for producing tasty, small red tomatoes ideal for salads. It’s a compact plant perfect for container gardening and early-season harvesting. Cold tolerant and very early. 20 seeds per package.

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The Russian Saskatchewan Tomato is a unique heirloom variety with a rich history. It has been cultivated for many years by Darlene MacMillan’s family in Colfax, Saskatchewan, and traces its origins back to Russia. The plants are compact dwarf varieties, growing about 12-18 inches (30-45 cm) tall, making them ideal for container gardening. These tomatoes are known for their nice taste and small size, classifying them as saladette tomatoes, perfect for salads. As an early-season variety, they mature relatively quickly and are determinate, meaning they have a concentrated production period. It thrives in cooler weather and is one of my favorite tomatoes from my old collection due to its earliness and dependability.  It has excellent flavour and produces an abundance of small, red, saladette-size fruit. 60 days from transplant.


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Availability: 11 in stock

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