Goldilox Tomato Seeds


Beautiful Gold & Tangerine coloured Cherry Tomatoes that are delicious to pick and eat fresh off the vine. Perfect for container growing. Dwarf plants typically have better resistance to fungus and other plant disease. 78 Days to Harvest! 20 seeds per package

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The Goldilox Tomato is a dwarf cherry tomato variety known for its unique apricot-gold colored fruits. The plants are small and compact, making them ideal for container growing. This variety is particularly notable for its resistance to fungus and other plant diseases, which is a common attribute of dwarf plants. The Goldilox Tomato typically reaches maturity and is ready for harvest in about 78 days. These tomatoes are delightful when picked and eaten fresh off the vine, and their beautiful color and size make them an attractive addition to salads and other dishes.


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Goldilox TomatoGoldilox Tomato Seeds

Availability: 7 in stock

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