Labrador Bush Bean Seeds


These beans grow well and produce extraordinarily.  The pods are dark green in colour and are very fleshy and tender to eat. They have a good shelf life and are perfect for eating fresh or can be frozen. A real winner in my 2023 garden! Extremely Rare in Canada! 56 Days to Maturity 30 seeds per package.

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The Labrador Bush Bean, also known by the scientific name Phaseolus vulgaris, is a type of heirloom bush bean. It is recognized for its early production and is particularly known for its dark green, uniformly rounded pods that average around 5.5 inches in length. These beans are noted for their tender, stringless, and fleshy nature, making them delicious both when eaten raw or cooked. They are also suitable for freezing, which adds to their versatility in the kitchen.

One of the key characteristics of the Labrador Bush Bean is its relatively short time to harvest, requiring approximately 56 days. This feature makes it an efficient choice for gardeners and farmers looking for a quick yield. The beans are also described as having a good shelf life, which is an important factor for both home storage and commercial distribution.

The Labrador Bush Bean is a type of bush bean, which typically means it grows in a compact form without the need for support structures like poles or trellises. This attribute makes it easier to grow and maintain, especially in smaller garden spaces or in containers. It’s also often referred to as French dwarf beans, dwarf beans, or snap beans.


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Labrador Bean Seeds. Rare Heirloom Bush Beans grown by Garden Faerie Botanicals. An amazing green bean for fresh or cooked eating.. Garden Faerie BotanicalsLabrador Bush Bean Seeds

Availability: 4 in stock

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