Pink Ponderosa Tomato Seeds

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The best slicing tomato ever! Meaty with complex flavors, this large tomato makes the best tomato slab sandwiches! 86 dtm 15 seeds per package

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This heirloom variety has roots that date back to the 1800s in Luxembourg. Peter Henderson was gifted seeds by his Grandparents (Grandma was from Luxembourg) around 1870 and 20 years later he introduced this variety into the seed trade. Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces moderate yields of large (sometimes giant) 1-2 lb. smooth, pink, beefsteak fruit with amazing flavor. Great slicing tomato with few seeds and an abundance of good, complex flavors.

Pre-released by Peter Henderson in 1891 as “Number 400,” its name was changed to ‘Ponderosa’ upon its debut in 1892. Henderson Seed catalog in 1903 described Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa as “Quality Beyond Praise, Rich and meaty-sliced. Thick and delicious canned.”

A late season tomato that I almost did not grow this year. Glad I did, as it was the star of the summer and there is nothing like biting into a think slice of this tomato with fresh sourdough bread. Beyond yum!! 86 dtm. 15 seeds per package.

1 review for Pink Ponderosa Tomato Seeds

  1. Neroli Ladner

    These are the best heirloom tomato seeds available! Super large and delicious. I love them!

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Pink Ponderosa Heirloom Tomato, The best tomato for covering an entire piece of bread!Pink Ponderosa Tomato Seeds

Availability: 2 in stock

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