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A prized heirloom variety from Puglia, Italy, aka Pomodoro d’Inverno. These red saladette-sized fruits have thick skins and solid flesh that are perfect for winter storage. Annarita tomatoes can be harvested in late summer when they turn orange and stored for up to six months. Ideal for fresh uses such as bruschetta during the winter months. The best tomato variety for dry farming and storage! Rare. 20 seeds per package.

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The Annarita tomato is an heirloom variety from the Puglia region in Italy, notable for its suitability as a storage tomato, often referred to as “Pomodoro d’Inverno” or winter tomato. This variety is characterized by its ability to be harvested late in the summer and then stored at room temperature until April of the following year, making it a valuable addition to winter dishes.

The Annarita tomato is typically consumed raw, adding a fresh, tomatoey flavour to dishes such as bruschetta, where it’s served on friselle—a dried bread from Puglia—with oil and oregano. It’s also used to enhance the flavour of cooked dishes like fish soup and sauces. However, it is not suitable for making tomato puree or passata.

The plant is indeterminate, meaning it continues to grow and produce fruit throughout the growing season. It is especially noted for its solid flesh and thick skin, which contribute to its longevity in storage. The tomatoes themselves are usually harvested when orange, and they are known for their bright acidity and solid texture, which lacks some of the depth of flavour of peak-season tomatoes but still offers a fresh tomato presence long after summer has ended.

Annarita tomatoes are red saladette-sized, which means they are smaller than standard slicing tomatoes but larger than cherry tomatoes. They are usually harvested when they turn orange. This coloration is a key indicator of their ripeness and readiness for consumption or storage.

They are traditionally hung up in clusters or laid in single layers in ventilated wooden boxes to extend their shelf life through the winter.

This variety was brought to Northern Italy from Puglia by the father of a woman named Annarita, and has since been shared with horticultural communities outside of Italy, contributing to its international cultivation and appreciation.


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