Golden Treasure Tomato Seeds

The Golden Treasure tomato is an indeterminate variety known for its impressive storage life and robust growth. This late-season variety yields smooth, beefsteak-type fruits weighing between 5.3 to 9 oz. The tomatoes ripen to a light-yellow with a hint of orange and offer a sweet yet acidic flavour. Perfect for both outdoor and greenhouse growing, they require staking and thrive when trained to two or three main stems. Ideal for fresh culinary uses, these tomatoes are not only tasty but also store well, extending their freshness beyond the typical harvest season.

The Golden Treasure tomato is a remarkable rare variety that is known for its excellent storage capabilities and delectable flavour. The indeterminate vines produce fruit that can be stored for up to three months after reaching maturity. The tomatoes are typically 2 ¼–2 ½ inches in size and turn a beautiful golden colour when ripe.

It is considered an old variety with origins that are not well documented. The variety is noted for its suitability for both outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, reaching up to 6.5 feet in height. It requires staking and prefers to be trained to two or three main stems.

Golden Treasure tomatoes are beefsteak in shape, weighing between 5.3 to 9 ounces, and have a light-yellow to orange colour when ripe. The flavour is described as sweet and acidic with a sugary and slightly crispy flesh that maintains its quality well during storage.

This variety is particularly valued for its culinary versatility and is recommended for dishes where fresh, flavourful tomatoes are essential, such as New Year salads.


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