Red Fuseau Jerusalem Artichoke


Red Fuseau is a striking red variety known for its sweet flavour and thin skins. These plants exhibit remarkable resilience, returning year after year and thriving in various conditions. They can reach heights of up to 10 feet, gracing the end of their season with charming mini-sunflowers before the tubers are ready for harvest. $14.00 per pound.

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Tubers show a red-purple hue and are elongated, smooth, and often spindle-shaped. Sizes vary from under an inch to about six inches in length.

Red Fuseau is a medium-sized variety that grows up to seven feet in height in temperate climates and taller in warmer regions. Its stolons are 10 to 16 inches long, indicating potential spread if not harvested carefully. It flowers moderately with a brief flowering period and sets seed with the help of a pollinator

Hardiness zones 3-10

These tubers are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals, located in the heart of British Columbia. Featuring Canada’s largest selection of Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes), these offerings are ideal for enhancing food security. The collection includes heirloom and heritage seeds, personally cultivated organically without chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, and non-GMO seeds, this selection is dedicated to preserving biodiversity.


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