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Soup Celery, also known as leaf celery or smallage, is an heirloom variety notable for its strong-flavoured leaves used primarily in soups. This ancient variety, cultivated since Greek and Roman times, belongs to the species Apium graveolens var. secalinum. Unlike regular celery, it’s grown for its leaves rather than stalks, which are similar in use to parsley. Soup celery is valued for its historical significance and culinary uses, especially in traditional medicine and cooking. It thrives in moist conditions, reflecting its marshland origins, and is a significant part of culinary history. 100 seeds per package

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Soup celery is an old heirloom variety of celery that was very popular in the past and commonly found in seed catalogues. Unlike the more commonly known celery varieties that produce large stalks, soup celery is grown primarily for its leaves. These leaves, which bear a resemblance to parsley, have a strong celery flavour and are traditionally used to add flavor to soups. They were a key ingredient in traditional soup bunches, often combined with herbs, squash, and parsnip, tied together with string for use in soups.

The strong flavor of soup celery leaves makes them excellent for drying and using in various dishes, including stews and salads. This variety of celery is also noted for being the easiest to grow. It is treated as an annual in Zones 4 and under and is considered extremely rare.

It’s a biennial plant and is often grown as an annual.

I freeze bunches of this herb straight into the freezer for making stock during the winter. I have also cut up the stalk into tiny pieces when really wanting some celery flavour and the celery in the store is to expensive to buy. This plant is indispensable in the garden and It will come back year after year. I highly recommend this variety!! I am always out in the cold frosty days looking for some to put in the stock pot, as I know my freezer stash is so valuable.


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Organically grown Soup Celery Seeds offered by Seed Supplier Garden Faerie Botanicals. British Columbia Canada. Soup celery, also known as leaf celery or smallage, is an heirloom variety that's been cultivated since ancient times.Soup Celery Seeds

Availability: 7 in stock

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