Heirloom Horseradish Roots


Armoracia rusticana Obtained from old yard site. Was brought as a root from Ukraine in 1898. I brought it across Canada when I moved to BC and had it in a garden. I relocated and forgot it there. 8 years later I went back to visit some friends and we were driving down a field to see the river and my friend said, “Look at the Horseradish plant growing there!” I said “That is where my old garden was and I planted that!” What a blessing to be reunited with this heirloom variety.

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Heirloom horseradish brought over from Ukraine in 1898 is a unique variety of horseradish with historical significance. It likely represents a cultivar that has been passed down through generations, maintaining its distinct characteristics over time. Such heirloom varieties often have unique flavors, textures, and growth habits compared to more commercially available types. Being brought over in 1898 suggests that it has a rich history, possibly associated with immigrant families who valued their native plants and agricultural traditions. As an heirloom plant, it not only serves as a culinary ingredient but also as a connection to cultural heritage and ancestral gardening practices.


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