Portugal Azores 1


A porcelain variety notable for its large bulbs containing 4-6 cloves each. Originally from the Azores Islands off Portugal, this garlic is celebrated for its strong, spicy flavour, striking a perfect balance between heat and richness. Its impressive storage life of 7-9 months and winter hardiness make it a great choice for northern gardens. This variety is amazing for roasting, adding a robust garlic punch to dishes like bruschetta.

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Portugal Azores 1 is a porcelain garlic and was originally collected from the Azores Islands, located off of Portugal. It is known for its strong, spicy flavour, which is described as having a perfect balance of heat and richness. This makes it a great choice for culinary uses, especially in dishes where a pronounced garlic flavor is desired.

The bulbs typically contain 4-6 large cloves. One of the notable qualities of this garlic is its exceptional storage capability. It can be stored for a period of 7-9 months, making it a practical choice for long-term use.

In addition to its strong flavour, Portugal Azores 1 garlic is also winter hardy, meaning it can withstand colder climates, which is beneficial for gardeners in regions with harsher winters. It’s recommended to try this garlic roasted, particularly in dishes like bruschetta, where its flavour can really stand out.


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