Hot, strong garlic taste. dark purple-brown cloves with only a few per bulb. Long storage. From Moscow, Russia.

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A strong rich taste that makes for a great roasting garlic. Noted for purple coloration and striping. This variety has tighter cloves skins which result in a longer storage time. Needs a cold spell (vernalized) to grow into larger bulbs.

If you like hot garlic, you will love this one!Β It is one of the spiciest varieties around and is a challenge for the palate. Averages 4-7 huge cloves per bulb, stores up to nine months, and is ideally suited to colder climates.

These bulbs are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. The collection features heirloom and heritage bulbs that are personally cultivated organically without the use of any chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, non-GMO garlic bulbs, this selection preserves biodiversity.


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