German Mennonite


This variety is known for its large, tasty bulbs with a high sugar content and features 4-6 large, easy-to-peel cloves per bulb. Originating from Germany, it is celebrated for its distinct flavour and large cloves.

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Mennonite garlic is a porcelain variety with an interesting history. Originating from Germany, Mennonite communities introduced this variety to North America during the 19th century. Cultivated in regions of Canada, it is renowned for its large cloves and robust flavour profile. It was introduced to a farm in Ontario, Canada, by Mennonite brothers from Wellesley, Waterloo County.

Known for its large size, tasty robust flavour, and high sugar content, Mennonite garlic is quite popular. It usually has 4-6 cloves per bulb, which are large and easy to peel. This garlic is adaptable, showing resistance to certain diseases and growing well in sandy loam soil.


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