Hardneck marbled purple stripe variety, originating from the Republic of Georgia, known for its large, fiery bulbs. It features intense heat when eaten raw, aptly nicknamed “Great Bulbs of Fire.” The cloves are covered in thick, parchment-like white wrappers with purple striping, and the clove skins are dark brown streaked with purple, ending in long, sharp pointed tips. Adaptable to various climates, Metechi is resilient and has a late-season maturity. Its unique flavour mellows when cooked, retaining a robust garlic taste. This garlic’s impressive storing capability of about 6 months makes it a favorite for both gardeners and culinary enthusiasts.

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Metechi garlic is a hardneck variety known for its robust and spicy flavour. Originating from the Republic of Georgia, it falls under the marbled purple stripe category and is renowned for its large, dappled bulbs. A defining feature of this garlic is its intense heat when eaten raw, earning it the nickname “Great Bulbs of Fire.” The heat is potent but becomes milder and retains a strong garlic flavor when cooked, making it ideal for dishes where a pronounced garlic taste is desired.

The cloves of Metechi garlic are covered in thick, parchment-like wrappers that are mostly white but reveal more purple striping as you peel them. The clove skins themselves are dark brown with purple streaks, and they have long, sharp pointed tips. On average, each bulb contains about 5-8 cloves.

Metechi garlic is adaptable to various climates, thriving well in both northern and warmer states. It’s resilient and can withstand adverse weather conditions. The plants have a deep, dark green foliage with a purplish hue, and they are large and healthy-looking. This garlic variety matures late in the season and is one of the last to be harvested.

For gardeners, Metechi garlic is a good choice due to its hardiness and the extended storage time of about 6 months. Its robust flavor also makes it a popular choice for culinary use, especially in dishes like stews, roasts, and sauces where its strong presence can be fully appreciated. When roasted, Metechi garlic’s flavor mellows out, making it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

Overall, Metechi garlic is a notable choice for both gardeners and cooks, offering a unique and powerful flavor profile along with good storability and adaptability to different growing conditions.


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