Northwestern Red Corn Seed


An Oscar Will variety of corn, maturing in 90 days and suitable for short-season climates. It grows 5-6 feet tall with 8-10 inch ears, featuring red kernels capped with white. This semi-dent corn is adaptable and ideal for dry farming conditions. 75 seeds

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Northwestern Red is an old Oscar Will variety of corn that is perfect for short season climates. It matures in 90 days and is an excellent choice for Canadian gardens, especially during the Grand Solar Minimum when growing seasons will be affected. This variety matures grows to a height of 5 to 6 feet and produces 8 to 10 inch ears with predominantly red kernels that have a white cap. As with all capped corns, you can expect some colour variation can occur.

This variety is a semi-dent corn and is very versatile with the ability to adapt to a variety of climates and growing conditions. Its resilience makes it suitable for dry farming which is a method that relies on the moisture present in the soil. Areas that are prone to drought or where water conservation is necessary will find Northwestern red valuable.

The dry corn seeds produced can can be utilized in several culinary and practical ways:

Cornmeal: Ground into a fine or coarse powder, ideal for baking and cooking.
Hominy: Processed with an alkali to remove the hull, used in traditional dishes like posole.
Animal Feed: Provides a nutritious food source for livestock.
Its adaptability and utility make Northwestern Red a valuable corn variety for diverse agricultural practices and culinary uses.

Semi-dent corn is a type of corn characterized by the partial denting of its kernels on the cob. The term “dent” refers to the indentation at the crown of each kernel that typically forms as the corn dries and matures. In semi-dent corn, this denting is less pronounced than in fully dent corn varieties.

Dent corn is generally used for industrial purposes such as livestock feed, ethanol production, and as a raw material in food products, while semi-dent varieties may have characteristics of both sweet corn and dent corn, making them versatile for multiple uses, including some human consumption. The texture and composition of semi-dent corn can vary, making it suitable for specific regional cuisines and culinary uses.

These seeds are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. The collection features heirloom and heritage seeds that are personally cultivated organically without the use of any chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, non-GMO seeds, this selection preserves biodiversity through open-pollination.


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