Early Hanover Melon Seeds


This fragrant variety (aka ‘Extra Early Hanover’), originated in Richmond, Virginia. It is celebrated for its large, round fruits, each weighing up to 3 pounds. Renowned for its exceptional sweetness and juicy texture since 1895, this melon is a true delight with its unique blend of tenderness and rich flavour. 70 dtm.

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Discover the delightful Early Hanover Melon (Cucumis melo), a fragrant and flavour-packed variety that stands out in the market. Known for its large, round fruits, each melon can weigh up to 3 pounds, offering a generous amount of deliciousness. Its remarkable sweetness, tender texture, and juicy flesh make it a top choice among melon enthusiasts. For the best taste experience, it’s ideal to harvest these melons just before reaching ‘full slip,’ which typically occurs within 70-85 days.

First introduced in 1895 by T.W. Woods & Sons of Richmond, Virginia, the Early Hanover Melon, also known as the ‘Extra Early Hanover,’ quickly gained widespread popularity in the region. Its enduring appeal is a testament to its exceptional taste and quality.

These melon seeds are available directly from Garden Faerie Botanicals in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. The collection features heirloom and heritage seeds that are personally cultivated organically without the use of any chemicals. Emphasizing historical, rare, non-GMO seeds, this selection preserves biodiversity through open-pollination.


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Early Hanover melons. So sweet and juicyEarly Hanover Melon Seeds

Availability: 6 in stock

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