Doukhobor Russian Garlic Bulbs


Rocambole garlic that is renowned for its historical roots and distinct culinary qualities. Brought to Canada by the Doukhobors, this garlic features 8-12 easy-to-peel, light brown cloves. It thrives in well-drained, sunny conditions and is cherished for its rich flavour and storability of 4-5 months, making it a favorite among garlic connoisseurs.

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Doukhobor Russian garlic is a type of Rocambole garlic brought to Canada by the Doukhobors, who were exiled from Russia and Ukraine due to their pacifist beliefs. This garlic variety typically has 8-12 cloves per bulb, with light brown skins that peel easily. The bulbils range from 5 to 25 in number, and most can produce fully formed, albeit small, bulbs in the first year.

When growing Doukhobor Russian garlic, it’s important to avoid waterlogged soil and to plant in a sunny spot, possibly in a raised bed if the soil is heavy clay. It features broad leaves and tightly curling double looped scapes. This garlic variety is harvested early to mid-season, and due to its loose and thin bulb wrappers, careful monitoring is needed to avoid deterioration in the ground. Its storage life is approximately 4-5 months.

The pedigree of this garlic traces back to Jim Miller, who received bulbs directly from the Doukhobors in Glade, BC, and later to Bertie van der Mark of Lumby, BC, from whom Rasa Creek Farm procured their stock in 2013.


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