Speckled Lettuce Seed


Apple green leaves flecked with brownish red polka dots. Semi-bibb type. Experience the unique charm of Speckles Lettuce, an heirloom variety that is ideal for adding a burst of color and sweet, buttery flavor to your salads and sandwiches. Easy to grow and perfect for gardeners seeking something special.50 dtm. 100 seeds per package

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Speckled lettuce, also known as Speckles Bibb Lettuce, is an old Amish heirloom variety. It is distinguished by its unique appearance, featuring fluffy, apple-green leaves speckled with red-maroon polka dots. This butterhead-type lettuce forms a tight, bibb-like head with a blanched heart. It is known for its sweet, buttery flavor, making it a great addition to salads and sandwiches.

As a looseleaf variety, Speckles lettuce is characterized by tender, delicate, and mildly flavored leaves. Unlike some other lettuce types, it does not form a distinct head and is often harvested while the leaves are still small. Speckles lettuce is relatively easy to grow, tolerates some heat, and under good conditions, can be one of the fastest-growing crops. It is suitable for growing in both cool and warm conditions and is known to be half-hardy. This lettuce thrives in mild weather with consistent moisture and prefers full sun in cooler climates but can benefit from some shade in hotter regions.


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Garden Faerie Botanicals Lush, green lettuce leaves with distinctive red-maroon speckles heirloom lettuce.Speckled Lettuce Seed

Availability: 10 in stock

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