Winter Density Lettuce Seed


An exceptional heirloom variety that has been around for quite some time, potentially dating back to the 19th century, as it was known in France as “Craquerelle du Midi” or “Craquante d’Avignon. A cross between butterhead and romaine, this lettuce forms compact, upright heads that are both tender and densely filled. The leaves exhibit a luscious dark green hue with a gently crinkled texture, offering a buttery yet robust bite akin to traditional European varieties. Exceptionally cold-hardy, Winter Density is an ideal choice for extending the salad season, flourishing in the chill of early spring and the mild coolness of fall. 60 dtm. 200 seeds per package

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Green EggWinter Density lettuce, a unique variety bred in England, represents a blend of butterhead and romaine lettuce characteristics. This lettuce type stands out for its compact, dense heads that are upright and typically reach about 8 inches in height. The cultivar is known for its high quality as a salad lettuce and exhibits excellent tolerance to both cold and heat, making it a versatile choice for different growing conditions.

One of the key features of Winter Density lettuce is its adaptability. It endures summer heat effectively, making it suitable for growth in greenhouses or gardens. The lettuce prefers cool to warm growing conditions and requires a fertile soil rich in nitrogen. It’s a heavy feeder with a weak root system, meaning it needs plenty of nutrients to grow well.

Winter Density lettuce is also easy to grow in containers, either individually or as a cut-and-come-again crop. The plant is known for its delicate, juicy, and buttery flavor, making it an excellent choice for a variety of culinary uses. It can be grown as an annual and is suitable for planting in the early spring or late summer.

The variety matures relatively quickly, with a maturity period of about 58 days in spring and summer, extending up to 70 days in the fall and winter. This rapid growth rate and its tolerance to varying temperatures make it a good choice for gardeners looking to extend their lettuce growing season.

Given its English origins and the characteristics that combine two popular types of lettuce, Winter Density has gained popularity among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts for its quality, taste, and ease of growing​


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