Cosmos ‘Cupcakes Blush’ flower seeds

Cosmos ‘Cupcakes Blush’ is among the most beautiful Cosmos varieties available. It produces enchanting, uniquely cup-shaped flowers that are absolutely charming. This stunning blend features blooms in soft, pastel pinks and whites, with most flowers showcasing delightful tufted centers. It is exquisite when used as a cut flower. Characterized by its unique, pleated outer petals, some of which also display tufted centers, enhancing their airy, cloud-like allure. Can grow up to 4 feet. 50 seeds per package.

The ‘Cupcakes Blush’ cosmos, known scientifically as Cosmos bipinnatus, is celebrated for its unique flower shape and soft color palette. This variety stands out with its large, semi-double flowers, where the outer petals are fused together to create a cup or teacup shape, reminiscent of cupcake wrappers. The blooms typically present a soft, blush pink color that can vary slightly, adding a delicate and whimsical touch to any garden.

Growing and Care: ‘Cupcakes Blush’ cosmos are annual plants, reaching a height of about 40 to 48 inches. They thrive in full sun and require well-drained soil. Like most cosmos varieties, they are relatively easy to grow from seeds, which can be started indoors about 4-6 weeks before the last frost or sown directly into the ground once the danger of frost has passed. The plants are drought-tolerant once established, though regular watering during dry spells promotes continuous blooming.

Use and Aesthetics: This variety is particularly favored for cut flower arrangements due to its striking form and the gentle color of its petals. The flowers are perfect for creating visually appealing bouquets and are also known for attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies to the garden, enhancing the biodiversity of the area.

Planting Tips: For best results, space the plants about 12 inches apart to ensure adequate air circulation. Pinching the young plants when they are 8-12 inches tall can help promote bushier growth and more blooms.

‘Cupcakes Blush’ is not only a garden favorite for its beauty but also for its ease of care, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor spaces.

Origin and History: The ‘Cupcakes’ series, including ‘Cupcakes Blush’, was likely developed through selective breeding to enhance the unique cup-shaped petals of the flowers. Cosmos bipinnatus, the species to which ‘Cupcakes Blush’ belongs, is native to Mexico. The species has been widely cultivated and hybridized to produce various colors and forms suitable for ornamental gardening.

Characterized by its unique, pleated outer petals, some of which also display tufted centers, enhancing their airy, cloud-like allure.


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