Sieglinde Potato Tubers


Sieglinde Potatoes, an old German heirloom variety, are known for their oblong shape, thin yellow skin, firm yellow flesh, and delicious butter flavor. They are ideal for a variety of cooking methods and have good storage qualities.

These will be available near the end of March 2024.

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Sieglinde Potatoes are an old German heirloom variety, renowned for their delectable flavor and culinary versatility. They produce oblong, yellow-skinned, and yellow-fleshed tubers that are slightly flattened. The skin of Sieglinde potatoes is remarkably thin, making them a favorite in European cuisine, particularly for dishes that require whole potatoes with skin. The eyes of the potato are shallow, and the flesh is firm and yellow. This variety, also known as German Butter potatoes, is praised for its creamy texture and rich earthy flavor. Sieglinde potatoes are well-suited for both early and mid-season planting and are known to store well. They offer good resistance to scab and mosaic virus and are easy to grow in a range of garden settings.

A German Butter tuber that has a delicious, buttery flavour and yellow flesh.

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