Garden Faerie Botanicals $40.00 Gift Certificate


A $40 gift certificate that can be used to purchase anything that is available from Garden Faerie Botanicals.


Garden Faerie Botanicals offers the perfect gift for gardening enthusiasts with these beautifully designed gift certificates. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a thoughtful gesture, Garden Faerie gift certificates can be used to purchase a variety of rare heirloom seeds, tubers, and bulbs. The collection includes rare Jerusalem artichokes, heritage potatoes, and flavourful garlic or garlic bulbils. Each variety in my catalogue is grown organically in British Columbia, Canada. These special seeds, tubers and bulbs are top-quality, food secure gardening options.

All seeds from Garden Faerie Botanicals are open-pollinated, making them ideal for seed-saving enthusiasts who aim to preserve plant biodiversity and enjoy a continuous supply of their favourite vegetables. By choosing these gift certificates, you are giving a gift of choice and the propagation of heirloom varieties. It’s a thoughtful and nourishing gift that keeps on giving, season after season!


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The barefoot garden faerie in holding a 440 gift certificate in an heirloom flower garden. Garden Faerie Botanicals. Heritage seeds, sunchokes, potatoes and garlic. CanadaGarden Faerie Botanicals $40.00 Gift Certificate
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