Rare and Endangered Collection of Vegetable Seed, Garlic Bulbs, Tubers and Roots.

Hello there!

Great news! Our shipping adventure is gearing up to begin after February 22, 2024, but here’s the scoop: I live off the grid, and this year, our road has turned into the epic “Mud Valley”! My trusty jeep had a bit of a wrestling match with the muck, so I’ve decided to wait until the water and mud levels go back to their friendly state before attempting that journey again. πŸš™πŸ’¨

Now, since I’m not a regular visitor to town, I kindly ask for your patience and allow 7-10 days for the shipping magic to happen. πŸ“¦βœ¨ If you find your favorite variety has run out, don’t fret! Give me a shout, and there might just be a few hidden gems still available.

Exciting news for the future! Next year, we’re expanding our collection and offering more quantities, all thanks to my newfound ability to spend extra quality time in the garden. 🌱🌼

Your support means the world to me, and I’m truly grateful for your presence on this journey with me!

As for our catalogue, it’s still getting a makeover, and I’m self-teaching myself the art of website creation. There are a few areas under construction, but remember, like all good things, this too shall pass! πŸŒŸπŸ› οΈ

Thank you for being part of our adventure and for your understanding. Brighter days and smoother roads are just around the corner! 🌞🌈

I apologize for any inconvenience at the check out. At this time I can only accept e-transfers or cash on delivery. This is due to a Pay Pal glitch and should be fixed within the week. Thank you for understanding.

Today Is Love Day! With every order there is a free package of tomato seeds included. Please write the variety you would like in the notes while ordering. Have a wonderful bliss filled day!

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